Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Words, glorious words!

Welcome friends old and new!

As a break from what has become one of the more challenging endeavors of my life, the writing of a PhD is biomedical sciences, I have made the executive decision to re-enter the world of stimulating human conversation while increasing my appreciation for adjectives. There will be no more journal articles stacked a mile high around my bed anxiously waiting to be skimmed! They have been banished to the dustbin, or more realistically, my office. Only novels abound! Stories of adventure, mystery, and, most importantly escapism, have replaced the intricate details of biochemistry and medical policy.

Here's the deal: I plan to complete one novel a month for the next year. Those of you who know me well are aware of the challenge this poses a slow reader who tends to fall asleep on the couch promptly after dinner. Never the less, it is a noble goal and will be achieved. The collection of stories you'll find will be quite eclectic and open to suggestion. All I ask is if you have a comment on a book, post it; the ensuing dialogue will be stimulating. If you have a suggestion on something you think I'd like, post it too! I might just pick it up, if I haven't read it already.

And so we're off. The first book under consideration is: "The Big Over Easy" by Jasper Fforde...

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